Induction Water Heater – An uncommon design for common needs

Looks like a small toy piano, but this is a powerful innovation that can very efficiently serve your everyday water heating needs. A technically complex equipment designed by Neeraja BS, the Induction Water Heater not only gives you good temperature control but also lets you adjust the power it consumes! Doesn’t it sound innovative and useful? The Induction Water Heater itself proves its usefulness when you will check out the way it is designed to serve domestic hot water requirements. You constantly need hot water for daily bathing and washing purposes and thus go to pick up products that instantly do the job for you. But, if you would compare the Induction Water Heater with these peer equipment, you would eagerly want to bring this new product home.

Induction Water Heater

If you have single-phase electricity at your home, instant heating devices would not be sustainable as these draw power as high as 3,000 Watts. But the Induction Water Heater is able to run on single-phase, as well as three-phase power supply. Additionally, you will be able to afford the luxury of a constant supply of hot water any time during the day. This water heater is quite efficient in terms of cost and energy. Also, it is an advantageous device as it has an integrated system to shut the heater when it is empty. This instantaneous heater has a capacity of one liter, and the first liter of water gets heated up to 40 degree Celsius in just about a minute!

With a fixed knob, you may control to run the heater at three different settings that are 750, 1000 or 1500 Watts. That is up to the kind of power supply you are receiving at home. Within the same time, these three settings offer to heat the water at varied degrees, which are 40, 60 and 90 degrees respectively. The Induction Water Heater runs on the concept of induction heating process where a material’s resistance leads to heating, after eddy currents get generated within the given substance. There are copper coils that support the flow of alternating electric current through them. This process leads to an oscillating magnetic field that further induces electric current in the pot where heating takes place. This is usually a metallic pot in which the induced current produces resistive heat. This heat is then used to warm up the given substance. The same way, water acts as a substance to be heated inside the Induction Water Heater.

This heater has been designed in such a way that it fits any corner of two adjacent walls. This type of structure also helps save the space inside the bathroom or at any other place where the heater is fixed. There are vents for cooling that are shaped like some metallic marks symbolizing the flowing warm water inside the heater. Also, there are sliding locks provided for outer covers, and a light indicator to help you check the heating status. Two feet on which this body stands are meant to let the water in and out. The Induction Water Heater’s body is made of stainless steel, and the whole device holds a very stylish and elegant look that would match with just any kind of decor and interiors.

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