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Innovative, constructive furniture made from scraps

Designers usually come up with their products made from new material thereby, wasting a lot of industrial waste. But, Scrap Lab crafts innovative furniture from the discarded industrial leftovers. Scrap Lab is a group of designer based at Kasetsart University Architecture program in Bangkok who works to generate practical and functional product from the waste material and the leftovers. The unique collection comprises of diverse range of furniture such as a chair, ottoman, a stool, a lounge chair, a desk lamp, a daybed and many more. The material used is wood, metal and traditional items such as foam and rope.

The highlights of the collection are Black nest chair, stool and the quilted lounge chair made up of black plastic trimmings with a well balanced combination of sleek and texture. The quilted lounge chair features a removable quilt that is scrupulously crafted, with a bright color that gives it a dazzling and a pleasurable look. The chief idea of the designers is to explore how the useless material can be used effectively to design efficient and aesthetically pleasing stuff.You can check out the whole collection after the jump.

Via : Inhabitat