Seven innovative doorstop designs to hold your door

Doors can sometimes be a nuisance, especially if you stay in a windy locale. If you thought doorstops are boring additions to your interiors, take a look at these innovative creations, straight from the imaginative brains of people who are equally bored with the bland designs available in the market. These doorstops not only add a touch of elegance to your entire interiors, but also turn out to be the center of attraction in the room due to their amazing designs.

1. Cross Doorstop

Cross Doorstop

The cross doorstop is a simple yet symbolic design that keeps your door firmly open without letting the wind shut it. Made of solid wood, the cross doorstop is a great way to reinforce your spirituality and a great way to remember that the door of heaven will always be left open by the Saviour for you to walk in. A great addition, cross doorstop is best suited for a convent or to be fixed in the house of a firm believer.

2. Wizard of Oz Doorstop

Wizard Of Oz Doorstop

How about some bookish rendition of a story that you so enjoyed in childhood? The wizard of Oz doorstop is a creative and colourful piece well suited for a kid’s room. With fairytale overtures and a great way to keep your imagination running around the classics of literature, the doorstop features a pair of legs, with striped stockings and red shoes which can be slid under the door to keep it open. A great way to reminisce your childhood and its little pleasures.

3. James the Doorman

James the Doorman

Here’s a perfect gentleman who would keep the doors open for you whenever you walk in. James the doorman catches the fancy of a female with his gentlemanly manners and the great effort he puts in, by wedging his foot under the door to leave your door perfectly open. A perfect doorstop for a young female who likes to be reminded every now and then that chivalry and knighthood are virtues that are still very much existent and admirable, even though it is only exhibited by a doorstop.

4. Dachshund Doorstop

Dachshund Doorstop

The Dachshund is a small dog with long body and short legs. The dachshund doorstop features a dachshund trying to snuggle under the door. The head is absent and the doorstop features the body of the dog that is in a pose that denotes that he is trying to slip through the gap. A cute doorstop for dog lovers, the doorstop also features foam padding underneath to prevent your floor from getting scratched. Made of resin and hand painted to perfection.

5. Stop Doorstop

Stop Doorstop

This doorstop is designed to look like a superhero comic book style. It would interest a teenager who are into comics and love the bold and bright styled letters. Chunky letters that spells ‘stop’ is shaped in a tapering manner so that the edge of the letter ‘P’ can be slid under the door and keep the door open and away from bangs and slams that are such a nuisance, especially when you are at rest or sleeping. Made of silicone rubber and a big grip footprint that can even resist a storm!

6. High Heel Doorstop

High Heel Door Stop

A woman’s best friend, high heels add those extra inches to your height. How about adding a touch of feminine charm to your doorstop as well? The high heel doorstop is a miniature and rubberised version of your high heels. The toe of the high heel shoe is made to slide under the door and keep it from slamming and disturbing you, whether you are working or sleeping or getting ready for a night out. Choose the best colour that defines your personality and suits your interiors.

7. Swiss Cheese Doorstop

Swiss Cheese Doorstop

The Swiss cheese doorstop is a major distraction for cheese lovers. Sadly, this cheese cannot be eaten but just stared at and used for keeping your doors open. The yellow rubberised material with holes adds that extra bit of appetite to your already rumbling stomach. The cheese doorstop is best suited for your kitchen door. Beware of rats though.

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