Inspiration: Bathe under the open sky

outdoor bathroom1

Bathroom, the first words that comes to mind is privacy or secluded. High time things need to change. Well, they did a long time back but when is it going to be implied? It is definitely a last reminder- take your bath outside your house, under the sky, still better underneath the stars. Is it not romantic, sexy and yes a little over the top? That is the reason you must not take your bath outside the boundaries of your house, backyard or your porch would just be fine. If you have nosy neighbors you will have to build a screen for the purpose. In addition, if some of you do not want to believe, I will leave you with some pictures, so that you can just think about it.

Image [1]

outdoor bathroom3
Image [2]
outdoor bathroom5

outdoor bathroom2
Image [3][4]

outdoor bathroom4
Image [5]

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