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Inspiration: Ceiling mounted plasma hideouts

112 dropdown tv noshade w

If you’re like me who hates the A/V bugs all around and are on look out for a smart alternative then this one is for you! Intelligent ‘Lift-Tech’ for the motorized projector mount lowers and raises your TV/projector into the ceiling adding to which Flatiron incorporated SpeakerCraft Time speakers provides you with excellent sound. In all, the smart way out requires are 11 speakers-SpeakerCraft Time, James Loudspeaker CS62 surrounds and Sonance in Ceiling subwoofers with amplifier; all ceiling mounted and the electronics embrace Parasound; the Classic 7100 w/ HDMI switch matched with the Classic 5125 and Zamp. The hideout plasma HDTV drops down whenever you’re in mood to watch your favorite TV show and hides back when not in use.

112 dropdown tv w
112 screen down300
Via: Electronichouse