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Inspired from Audi’s approach to design, Hudor faucet is a keeper for looks

Industrial designers across the globe have no dearth of cool and surprising ideas. The unusual design of the Hudor Faucet is an example of creative thought in industrial design. It brings together the famous Audi design philosophy to something as worlds-apart as a faucet.

Audi-inspired faucet

Hudor faucet (3)

Fraser Leid is a UK based industrial designer whose creative mind turned the concept of hands-free hand sanitation into reality. He has come up with a unique in visual appeal and performance faucet, which he has named the “Hudor” (Greek name for water). The hands-free technology is not new and that is not what makes Hudor special, but the Audi inspiration does.

According to Leid, center console for Audi vehicles, car accent light, dial, wheel form, disk brake, and circular steering wheel inspired him to give Hudor a circular shape and lights. The ring houses numerous spouts, each producing jets of water in a different direction. The other very modern and classy features of the Hudor faucet is the inclusion of an infrared motion detection sensor, temperature adjustment dial, a spout that produces soap infused water, and bacteria disinfectant black light.

Unusual design

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The hands-free functioning of Hudor faucet is undoubtedly worth appreciation but its circular Audi inspired design steals the show. Mixer’s main base is made of carbon composites, and the big circular ring is made of tempered glass and houses two aluminum rings (one ring contains all water jet producing spouts and the other houses a black light).

Coming to the base of the spout ring, it has a small infrared motion sensor that detects motion to start and stop water jets. Unlike many other hands-free hand sanitation faucets, the Hudor faucet is much more energy efficient. It does not let water waste, as it follows a very innovative 3-3-3 approach.

You place your hands in the ring; a three-second water release takes place that you can use for rinsing your hands. Then again, a three-second soap release happens and in the end, a three-second water release for rinse. This 9-second hands-free hand wash cycle is an eco-friendly feature of the unique Hudor faucet. Last but not the least; do not miss the grand Audi logo (four rings) on the faucet.

Hudor faucet takes the faucet world altogether to a new level of beauty and functionality. Its Audi inspired design makes it so unique and amps up its visual appeal. Install this gorgeous faucet in your bathroom and experience luxury.

Source : Behance.Net