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Interaction has a new dimension with Nebula


Collaboration between Phelan associates and Philips in house team resulted in a unique project, Nebula interactive projection system. It makes your bedroom the most interactive place in the home by projecting dream like sequences and messages on the ceiling. The content you want projected on the ceiling is selected by placing a smart pebble in to a pocket on the bedside, the smart pebble can contain even games like ping pong which will only be revealed after particular combination of sleeping positions. The system also allows users to incorporate their own messages.

You think of anything, a love note, a message, a picture of your favorite place, you can project everything on the ceiling. Stimulating intimacy, fun, laughter, excitement and imagination, nebula consists of a ceiling projector that is linked to a database of content by internet connection. Conversing will be fun and you are going to wait to wake up by looking at ‘You are beautiful’ on the ceiling, imagine your day, special!


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