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Interactive Smart Blind responds to the environment

Designed by Andrew Nagan for Making Things Interact Fall 2009 under the guidance of Mark Gross, this Smart Blind creates interactive movements and at the same time responds to the surrounding environment, owing to the sensors implemented onto an ordinary blind. If you have this smart blind installed in home you will not only be able to secure your in-room privacy, but also be able to improve energy efficiency by using natural sunlight as a source for interior lighting during the day. OK, now you know what this smart blind does, but how exactly does it do what it does?

The photo-resistors are installed on both sides of the blind and an Arduino senses the amount of light that is present indoors and the outdoors. Then the processor decides the amount of light to be let in by controlling the angels of the blind with the help of a servo motor. This angel adjustment is based on the comparison of values of light in the interior and the exterior returned by the photo-resistors. I know the working is little complicated, but for those who love making such things, just follow the link below and you can make one on your own.

Smart Blind