10 Most Interesting Homes from Science Fiction

Many of you sci-fi fans out there must have wondered what it would be like to live in a house straight out of a science fiction book or movie. Well, life can totally change if this dream could come true. Of course, with smart appliances and connected homes, lifestyle has already evolved to include artificial intelligence in daily lifestyle. To take thing a few notches further here are 10 most interesting science fiction home ideas for you to dream about.

The Theed Royal Palace


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No one can forget the Theed Royal Palace featured in Star Wars Part I: The Phantom Menace. It is a huge palace situated on the edge of a cliff. The massive sandstone palace has beautiful domes and several towers. Ornate structures combined with fancy artwork make it top the dream home of many a science fiction fans. If only the problematic Gungan neighbors can be ignored then Theed Royal Palace is the ideal residence.

The Malibu Beach House of Tony Stark

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Ironman alias Tony Stark is a business tycoon to reckon with. No wonder that his Malibu beach house will be luxurious and adorned with numerous tech wonders. Along with great interiors, superior technology and personal computer butler this house also offers wonderful ocean view.

Sam Lowry’s Flat


Those with minimum budget can try Sam Lowry’s flat which is compact, user friendly and provides great security services. Self running taps and auto boiling kettle makes life much easier for lazy bachelors. A tangle free network of cable is what keeps all the household devices functioning appropriately. In addition the auto toaster offers perfectly made toasts right on time.

Superman’s Fortress of Solitude

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Featured in Superman (1978), the Fortress of Solitude is the ultimate fantasy residence of superhero loving crowd. Superman had built this strange, slightly pyramid like structure using crystals from Krypton. Cavernous pits, multiple levels and Kryptonian holograms make this fortress even more intriguing.

Korben’s Apartment in South Brooklyn

Those not interested in too much luxury and pomp can try Korben’s Apartment in south Brooklyn, New York. This apartment is comfortable enough for the hard working, crime beating young people. It has hidden windows for Chinese food delivery. Plus, parking for flying taxis, wipe down floors for spillages, automated cat flap and slide away bedding.

The Imperial Palace of Asgrad

Image Source : Static.Comicvine.Com

Odin’s home in Asgrad may be far away from planet earth but it is still a coveted residence. Looking like a futuristic palace of many conjugated towers it is the palace of gods with all godly amenities. Made of gold it has a fairytale appearance that no one can ignore.

Bruce Wayne’s Penthouse

Image Source : Photos.Imageevent.Com

Featured in the cult favorite The Dark Night, Bruce Wayne’s Penthouse is no less glamorous than his Wayne Manor. This excellent penthouse consists of a heli pad, seven bedrooms, six bathrooms and two ballrooms ideal for throwing parties. The entire place is made of Italian marble of top grade and it offers a panoramic view of the city.

Na’vi’s Home Tree

A secret wish to live in an elaborate tree house has been cherished in many hearts across the world. What’s better to meet this dream but Na’vi’s Home Tree featured in Avatar movie. Around hundred meters above the ground it can accommodate hundreds easily.


Another sci-fi abode perfect for ultra-rich billionaires, the Skyhouse from the movie Oblivion is everything a dreamer can desire. Conveniently located outside the city it has underground caves for secret meetings and operations. Moreover, there is sufficient space for massive parties.

The Swinton’s House

The picturesque setting and amazing interiors make this one another sci-fi abode worth admiring. Open plan living combined with cybertonic, modern fittings and fixtures and plenty of storage spaces make this one highly habitable for urban families.

Sci-fi movies have huge fan following. Quite naturally, science fiction homes have gained popularity among the masses. They offer incomparable amenities and luxury to the dwellers. Luckily, improvement of technology is taking us much closer to the sci-fi movie homes through smart home technology and artificial intelligence.

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