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How does interior designing and decorating impact your health?

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The state a person’s home is usually in influences their behavior, emotions, and overall mental health as it’s the only place where they spend a significant amount of their time. As we humans are generally creatures of habit, our moods are affected by our immediate environments, and we can change how we feel by changing our interiors. If our home is bright and beautiful it enhances our mood but if it is dark and clumsy it adds to stress.

Stress and depression are two big enemies of human psyche.The aesthetics of our living environment has a serious impact on our emotional development. If our home does not allow for adequate living and activity, it will not only affect our mental and emotional state but our physical health will be at risk too. So interior designing is one thing which can help us fight against these two human enemies and become relaxed. One can even manipulate it in such a way that it benefits them mentally, emotionally, and physically.

People usually associate design elements and principles with fine art. However, it’s the pattern in which these components are arranged that dictate how our bodies react to them. Here are some of the principles of interior which affect our health:

1. Avoid clutter and give space:

Too much clutter

Clutter is created by a lot of things which are in an untidy state, especially those which are not useful or necessary such as too much furniture, paper, books, accessories and clothes. This results in a blockage which restricts the flow of energy in your home. Too much clutter in your home weighs you down physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is important to have adequate space which gives a sense of freedom and virtual permission to move about. In order to get rid of these blockages and allow space one has to give away, donate, dispose, or re-purpose the unnecessary stuff from their house.

2. Adequate level of natural light:

Interior Design & Decorating impacts health

Light gives a sense of clarity and honesty. Natural light not only brings a positive energy into your house but also lightens up your mind and soul. If your home is too dark you may suffer from lack of energy or motivation. It is also important to maintain the light level of your house as our eyes are very sensitive to it. Low level of light in the house triggers melatonin release in to the blood stream that makes us lethargic and tired. To bring light inside your home, you can open your drapes and blinds, place mirrors in dark corners facing windows to reflect light, install a skylight or a French door, paint walls in soft white and yellow or remove outside screens to ensure you have enough natural and man-made lighting in each room.

3. Use of colors:

Effects of color

Colors play a very important role in setting up the environment of your home, so it is very important to maintain a balance of colors. Having too much of one or two colors creates imbalance. This imbalance may have both immediate and long-term effects on your health. Short-term effect may make you feel irritated and this irritation for a long duration can develop into disease. To overcome this problem, you can paint the entire space using only one color as long as you balance it by adding color in other ways. To create a space which supports health, use a moderate amount of fire colors such as red, orange, terracotta, or pink in your color palette. Soft colors have a soothing effect on your mind. A balance of colors and shapes makes you feel comfortable which makes you more relaxed and focused.

4. Choose the right furniture.

Reminders of unpleasant things

Furniture is the main content of your house. It varies from room to room. It has to be stylish but less in number so that your room should not look clumsy and congested. Our living room and bedroom room are areas where we spend most of our time. White furniture like wardrobes, tables and chairs will increase the amount of light that is reflected around the room and will have a large impact on your mood. You can place reflective ornaments around the room like crystal glass and mirrors that will help scatter light into darker areas. Your furniture should not be loud but stylish to give a sense of modernity to your home.

There is no right way or wrong way to decorate our interiors. To create an environment in which you feel good is most important and one key of maintaining good health through your home is creating it on your own.