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Isis Sea Fan-Naturally artistic lighting!

Based on the concept of refraction of light our ancestors had designed creative technique of utilizing candlelight to brighten the interiors. The principle idea being the reflection, refraction and diffusion, the candles were mounted in glorious candelabra and chandeliers which amplified the light through lead crystal drops cut into prismatic shapes. In cooperating the traditional approach designer Ruth McDermott has come up with ‘Isis Sea Fan’. Taking its name from the organic forms, this smart lighting system mimics sea fans-soft tendril corals to create a bond between technology and natural forms.

This arty work is an exploration of the LED lights considered the future of lighting due to their energy efficiency and endurance. LED lights in combination with the laser-cut acrylic refract through the wall from side to side and way up and down thus, brightening your interior. Innovatively artistic lighting system is sure to compliment your modern home décor.

Via: Yankodesign