Judson Beaumont’s ‘Hollow’ chair to accommodate more than just you!

Gone are the days when furniture like your living room couch was an elaborate structure, meant for just one purpose, that of accommodating you. Now charging and mounting your personal electronics like iPad, iPhone or iPod, or simply adding to the storage space is something what the modern customer might look at, even if it means shelling out a bit extra. Providing extra space with comfort and aesthetics, the Judson Beaumont Hollow chair will be the perfect piece of furniture for the modern home that demands utility as well.

Hollow Chair

Judson Beaumont is a well known name of the furniture industry. Designer Judson had earlier lent his expertise and skill into creating pet furniture, such as the dog trailer we showed you in the Pet Gifts for 2010. This arm-chair is one of his best designs, which combine utility and his signature high quality craftsmanship. Described by the designer himself;

This chair was designed to remove the excess bulk and 3-dimensional footprint out of a traditional arm chair. The chair, by itself, is a perfect accent to nearly any environment you could place it in.

Constructed with 618 individually crafted parts of Baltic Birch wood, the brown upholstery comprises of a vinyl fabric which is rugged and easy to maintain. Also, with the extra space at the bottom and sides of the couch, there is a lot you can keep without having them scattered all over the place. Whether it’s your small dog, handy electronics, books and stationery, or simply soft toys, the carved and rather neat space will be handy. The 3-dimensional aesthetics are, of course, complementary.

Also, do check out Straightline Designs (Judson Beaumont’s studio) and other creations including the luxury pet pavilion. Have to admit that his innovation is indeed impressive!

Via: Beautifullife

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