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Kegerator: 10 Reasons to own it!

Kegerator is an awesome device for all beer lovers. The device is very similar to a modern refrigerator apart from the fact that itdoesn’t possess any shelves or columns. Instead, a long barrel is found inside the device that stores beer for more than 2 months. You can enjoy fresh, chilled and drafted beer at the top unit through a small feed tap. If you are still unconvinced about owning a kegerator, here are the 10 best reasons to buy it.

Own a Kegerator

1. Mouthwatering taste

Drinking drafted beer from a kegerator gives you a mouthwatering taste that can never be compared with packed beers or tins. Taste is the vital necessity for beer lovers. The taste will be refreshing and very crispier in a kegerator than in the regular packs.

2. Saves you in dollars

Owning a kegerator will help in cutting your costs. Depending on the type of beer you intend to drink, you can save 50 to 70% in your annual expenses on beer. The savings percent add up cumulatively depending on its lifetime.

3. Lets you drink in peace

A kegerator will allow you to drink beer at your own comfort. Moreover, it gives you peace which you won’t find at any bar or pubs. Owning a kegerator will minimize your worries like returning home safely, driving car in a drunken state, taking ticket from cops, etc.

4. Offers safety

When you drink at a pub or bar, you will depend on someone to reach home safely. Or, if you wish to drive the car by yourself, you might end up smashing another vehicle. As the kegerator offers beer at the comfort of your home, you need not worry about driving back home. In fact, it minimizes the drunk and drive cases.

5. Fresh beer

The kegerator will offer you fresh beer whenever you wish to have a bottle’s quantity or just a peg. In fact, kegerator allows you to store beer for about three months. Still, it gives out fresh beer every time you tap it.

6. Chilled beer

You cannot relish the essence of beer unless you drink them at the perfect temperature. A kegerator is an awesome machine to keep your beer chilled always at the right temperature.

7. Saves you space

You won’t need space in your refrigerator to store beer bottles and cans, if you buy a kegerator. This offers a lot of space for items like soft drinks, burgers and other necessary foods.

8. Environment friendly

The use of kegerators will minimize your usage of glass bottles and tins. To mention, these items get dumped somewhere if you use them. Although they are recyclable, you cannot expect a 100 percent recycling efficiency.

9. Set up your own bar

Kegerators will allow you to set up your own bar at home. You can become a bartender for your guests as well.

10. Available in different sizes

Depending on the capacity you need for yourself, your family and guests, you can choose a kegerator from a variety of sizes.

Now, you have your reasons to own a kegerator. You can buy them at a local store or order it through an online retailer. You will realize its benefits once you own it.