The Kitchen Safe: Time-lock container monitors candy intake

We all are dealing with our weaknesses, whether for cigarettes, smartphones or temptation for sweets. Excessive intake of all these are not good for us and we know it well, but somehow ignore the facts just for the pleasure of few minutes.The Kitchen Safe container has been invented to keep check on your unhealthy snacking habits.It comes with a tamper-proof lock fitted to a timer, which helps in denying you access to cookies every now or then.


The concept is quite simple to keep your favorite snacks locked for a reasonable period of time. Due to this you won’t be tempted to eat sugary cookies too often. The lock and timer on this safe allow the user to push their resolve for betting eating habits. Users can bolt unhealthy snacks for as short as one minute to as long as ten days. Once the box is locked, it won’t open until the timer hits zero. The technology is suitable for anyone trying to control their diet, or just looking to save some delicacies for their friends.

Measurement and working

The Kitchen Safe is made of food-grade, BPA free plastic. It is designed not only to store food, but can also lock other stuff as well. Measuring 6 x 6 x 6.5-inches, the box is large enough to fit variety of items. To set the timer, you need to simply rotate the dial for desired setting. From one minute to ten days, the duration can be set easily to keep the box locked for as long as you want to get rid of temptation. Furthermore, the lid requires AA batteries to keep it locked. So make sure it’s loaded with a set of batteries.


It is a great device to store not only food items but other goodies as well. So, parents can lock away toys and cell phones during dinner time. Plus, health conscious or people trying to lose weight can keep their favorite food items away for a while. Moreover, heavy smokers may lock their packet of cigarette in it to avoid smoking for a set time period. Kitchen Safe really enables people to reserve willpower for the moments when we really need it.

It’s really hard not to eat delicious cookies when they’re tempting you from the jar. But this clever cookie container will help you childhood obesity and prevent adults from ruining their diets.

Source : Kickstarter.Com

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