The Lampster– a robotic lamp for all parts of the house and outdoors

Designed by an engineer and architect duo of Andrew and Radu based out of San Francisco, Lampsteris a lamp unlike anything we’ve seen before. The robotic lamp is made from old tractor and bike headlights, and has some very interesting features to show. The design team behind the Lampster has been able to arrive at something so unique and playful due to their free thinking and enthusiasm for everything design and technology.

The success story

Combining the best of skills and ideas, the designer duo has delivered a lamp that’s worth all our attention. The highly customizable robotic lamp has been fitted with a pair of LED lights. The transparent LED controlled by touch, while the second RGB light being smartphone controlled.

Although, the lamp was essentially planned for personal use, and was devised as a side lamp for a room; the lamp become an instant with friends and soon found its way to Kickstarter to raise crowdfunding.

The enthusiasm was carried by the backers too, and the project received immense feedback and was funded in less than 24 hours of its listing.

The Lampster

If you were looking for a lamp that could add character to your desk or other parts of the house or office, your search will end at the Lampster. As mentioned, the robo lamp has 2 LED light source – a clear LED is controlled by touch, and an RGB LED is controlled by mobile device.

The smartphone controlled lamp can light up on touch or can be the life of a part – simply sync theLampster to your music and it will begin flashing to the beats. Using a smartphone or a tablet one can set the color and intensity of the flashing light.

The functionality

Lampster features a tractor or bike headlight as the head and a metal frame as its body. Designers have used aluminum in the neck so it doesn’t rust and the body has been coated in recycled polyurethane.

Ergonomically designed Lampsters features rotating head that balances perfectly on its superhero-style body. Lampster is hand painted and can be customized in nine different colors.

While the Lampster makes for an ideal accessory for the home, it has the potential to sit outside the house and still be equally inspiring. When placed outdoors, the two light sources of the Lampster can be combined for additional light.

Source : Hypebeast.Com

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