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Kitchen Tools: Trio Peeler makes food preparation fun again

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For anyone who has ever spent a frenzied afternoon trying to get a decent dinner in place for a bunch of friends, the importance of a good peeler cannot be stressed enough. But since more often than not people get stuck with buying a whole bunch of single-purpose peelers, the usefulness of all the innovative peelers out there is kinda defeated if you know what I mean! That’s where this innovative all-in-one Trio Peeler comes into the picture. Featuring three retractable stainless-steel blades, the peeler can handle all kinds of peeling tasks with ease. With a large, soft-grip handle providing excellent leverage and control making peeling tasks even easier, the dishwasher safe peeler’s tip can also be used remove those tough to get potato eyes.

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What’s Different?

With a soft-skin blade for foods like tomatoes, mangoes and peaches, heavy-duty hard-skin blade harder peelings like carrots and zucchini, and a julienne blade that can shred thin vegetable strips for soups and salads, the Trio peeler easily becomes the best prep tool in the kitchen.

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Price and Availability
Retailing for $14.95, the Trio Peeler is available online.

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Better Options

Speedy Peel Electronic Food Peeler
This push button electronic peeler makes food preparation even easier for lazy bum Gordon Ramsay wannabes.

Brabantia Y-Shape Food Peeler

It may not be the most state-of-the art peeler out there, but this y-shaped peeler does what it’s supposed to do with super efficiency without wasting precious food bits especially when peeling potatoes, asparagus and apples.

Source: Williams Sonoma

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