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Versatile Cook top doubles up as handy dining table

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The brainchild of French designer Antoine Lebrun, the Coox cooking table allows young city dwellers to use a single workstation as a cooking surface as well as a dining surface. Offering busy youngsters the leisure of cooking and eating wherever they want in their flats, the adaptive cooking table is in a way reflective of the internet generation’s need for breaking away from existing traditions and inventing their own.

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What’s different?
A single design with a wide range of possibilities, the Coox is built around the theme of “flexibility for diverse and complex generation.” The height adjustable cooking table also doubles up as an extension or replacement of the dinner table allowing people to integrate it into their own lifestyles effortlessly.

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Price and Availability

The concept table has yet to make it to the markets though its innovative design certainly promises to make it a runaway success whenever it’s launched.

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