Seven LED coffee tables to sparkle your living space

Patriotic Union Flag LED Coffee Table

Coffee is the one which is served for relaxation. It is said that coffee table makes the house attractive. Now-a-days coffee tables are designed in such a way that it acts as an asset in the house which makes the house very attractive. So many innovators have come up with an idea of LED coffee tables. Here is a list of seven LED coffee table designs:

1) RGB Coffee Table:

RGB Coffee Table

Name itself specifies that it contains three colors. ‘R’ stands for ‘RED’,’G’ stands for ‘GREEN’ and ‘B’ stands foe ‘BLUE’. All the three colors glow with little difference in time between them which provides a great view. It is mainly used in time of DJ and parties. It can be used in living room so that entire house looks pretty good. Combination of these three colors adds an extra feature to the table. Even if it is placed in private parties or late night hangout’s it draws the attraction of youth and it totally changes the ambiance.

2) Klingon Coffee Table:

Klingon Coffee Table

It is star shaped coffee table and stylish homemade product. It is made up of acrylic sheet on the top which allows light to glow up. It has totally 26 lights which glow continuously under it. Some of the lights go off and in turn provides chance to other lights to on at the same time which makes this as an attractive piece. One of the most interesting features is that it has only one blue LED. It is supported by acrylic rods.

3) Light table:

Light table

This table is of less cost. It contains LED in different positions inside the table. It creates us an environment that we begin to think whether we are looking on colorful fountain. It glows continuously which provides different lights based up on the time. It uses fluorescent lights. It provides much glow than any other lights.

4) Twitter Coffee Table:

Twitter Coffee Table

Twitter is the upcoming social net working site which is used by many. Because of its popularity it is now present on your coffee table. This table has different forms of light with different intensities in their glows. You can tweet and exchange information with the other by changing LEDs on the top with your fingers. It supports touch layer where lights can be made glow and off.

5) Interactive Coffee Table:

Interactive Coffee Table

This table contains hundreds and hundreds of LEDs on the surface of the table. As the name specifies that it is interactive it acts according to your tip of touch. Lights can be made to glow and off by touching them with the tip of finger.

It mainly contains three layers. Every layer has the same lightning. When we set on it glows and can be moved. Its aim is to convert electronics to design. Whenever you feel stress it serves as the stress relief. Switching of lights by just interaction with table makes you feel very relaxed. Even the children love this sort of design. It provides them good entertainment and feels them happy.

6) Patriotic Union Flag LED coffee table:

Patriotic Union Flag LED Coffee Table

This table is mainly used to show how patriotic you are. It reflects your love to your nation. It contains your national flag on the top which shines simultaneously. It contains couple of lights which simultaneously on and off creating the wonderful ambiance. It is mainly used by the people who love their nation much.

1. It has design of your national flag

2. Maximum power consumption

3. It is made of stainless steel and glass

4. Lights under the table make your national flag to glow much

It shows your patriotism.

7) Cubix:


This table has good dimensions. It is made of light weight acrylic. It has an additional feature of remote control. We can use this remote control to change the position of lights which are to glow and which are not to glow. It is to glow lights on the top and side of the table without directly touching it. The cubical shape of the table is the basic attractive thing and LED adds more glow to its beauty.

With remote control facilities table can be operated up to 16 static colors which includes white color. It has total change of 4 colors. It can control speed. Wireless technology provides a flexibility to operate where ever you are.


  1. Can be controlled using remote
  2. It has an acrylic top
  3. It has under light facility
  4. It is battery operated and can be charged at any time when we require
  5. It has prices according to their size

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