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LESELIEGE CNOUCH: Designed for anyone, any way!

The Designer/Manufacturer: Furniture and Interior designer Anne Rossner



This colorful couch is a unique idea by interior designer, Anne Rossner, which is made up of cushions surface. Basically, the concept behind this beautifully crafted couch, properly named as Cnouch, is to provide the user with comfy accommodation while reading. It also comprises a book shelf and a lamp that can be adjusted accordingly with amazing flexibility in its use. This makes it a perfect reading couch for each and every user in a home. The lamp throws a soft green light creating a relaxed atmosphere that makes reading a blissful activity. No doubt, it may multitask as every ones personal couch due to its flexible and adjustable characteristics.

What’s unique:

The uniqueness of the product lays in its design and manufacturing materials. The seating surface is created by arranging a number of soft material cushions that are embarked in the wooden frame. This frame helps the cushions to turn into a flexible positioning object where in one can adjust its seating position by pulling the individual cushion up or down, creating the reader’s favored positions. The frame of couch measures about h 550 / b 1770 / t 880. One can lay or sit on the couch very comfortably as the material used for its surface offers cuddling experience to the user. Moreover, there is a small book shelf attached to the wooden frame providing space for holding up some of the books for particular period of time. This shelf also holds the positioning facility where user can position it at any corner or side of the couch to match his seating position. Further, the lamp can also be adjusted in its height according to the user preferences.

High Points:

The reader gets comfortable reading experience on the Cnouch with adjustable book shelf and lamp providing a relaxing atmosphere through its green glow. Also, it can be best adjusted by popping up and down for creating user’s desired positions.

Via: Anne Rossner

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