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Let Window Blinds Open Their Eyes with the SmartFlipFlic Device

During the day and night, your window blinds have to be adjusted many times, based on the position of sun or outside temperature. If you feel tired of this job or cannot do it at times because of being busy with other things, then you may get over such troubles now. Jalousier Inc. has designed a smart solution called FlipFlicto make your window blinds smarter too. Check out how this small device helps you all the time.

Benefits of FlipFlic

This device is a useful answer to all your problems regarding the operation of your home’s window blinds. Using FlipFlic, you can adjust these blinds automatically. You can alternatively schedule an opening or closure by just using an app that accompanies this device. The app can also help you link it to some other pre-existing smart home solutions. It can adjust your window blinds according to the inside and outside temperature, as well as the amount of natural light.

In fact, it is a great energy saver for your home. This smart device has solar panels to make it run on solar power, in case you do not want to charge it on electricity. Thus, it is a green solution for your nature-friendly home.FlipFlic reduces your lighting and air conditioning costs significantly. Finally, the device helps you in keeping your home secure. Even when you are away for a long time, it can show that your home is occupied.

Design and working of the device

FlipFlic has a beautiful and elegant block design that is also highly functional. It comes in horizontal and vertical blinds versions. The device has a 500mAh rechargeable LiPo battery. It has a microUSB port for standard charging. FlipFlicincludes temperature and ambient light sensors to assess when to open or close the blinds.

The device has a 3-6 V motor that can rotate the blinds’ tilting mechanism up to around 60 inches wide. It also has a timer for scheduling its daily function, which also gives you night and wakeup modes. However, you can also operate it using its On/Off switch.Its LED lights give you indicators for connectivity, charging, and power status.

Ease of using FlipFlic

You can very easily stick this device on your window, as it has magnets.It is also simple to remove it, as well asoperate it in different modes using its app. You can smoothly synchronize it with your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. With FlipFlic, you will not need to run around all the time or climb up a stool to reach windows that are otherwise difficult to reach.

FlipFlic can be a comfortable and smart option when you want to control your window blinds automatically or in a scheduled way. This solar-powered device is energy-efficient and highly functional when it comes to controlling blinds based on temperature or lighting.

Source : Kickstarter.Com