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Lightboxs bring novel elucidation to your home

lightbox motiv blossom spines
Get ready to view your world in a whole new light with the innovative lightbox. The lightbox from the house of Tela with a textile surface is variable in size and construction depth. The eye-catching appearance of the beautiful illumination adds an elucidation to your interiors. The lightbox can also be used as wall dividers and the different patterns can be changed so as to gel up with your living space. The different motifs offered are Blossom Spines, Cool Golden Splash, Jungle Life, Meet the Cress, Dragon Scales. The amazing work of art enhances the d├ęcor of your interior and takes you to a new light world.

llightbox format meet the cress
lightbox motiv jungle life
cool golden leuchtkasten
lightbox motiv dragon scales