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Living Room Style – The Frugal Way


To the savvy spenders out there, being stylish goes hand-in-hand with being frugal. The best place to start your thrifty redecorating tricks is in the living room—where families spend the most time. The living room, in most cases, is an extension of the kitchen and front entrance. It is possibly the place in your home that people congregate the most. With that being said, it’s crucial to incorporate a style that creates a warm and inviting ambiance.


By far the easiest and least expensive way to give any room in your house an instant face-lift is by de-cluttering. When the mind identifies clutter, it automatically associates it with chaos so no one wants to come home to a disordered environment. One way to prevent this from happening is to make a daily habit of tidying up. It doesn’t have to be much—15 minutes a day can be enough to stay on track for the entire week. By far, a large majority of clutter comes from paper goods. Organise important paperwork and bills by date so they’re not only tidy but easy to access. There’s no point in keeping stacks and stacks of magazines or newspapers from three years back, so if you haven’t picked it up in the last month it’s safe to say you can do without it. When in doubt, toss it out! Now is the time to be merciless. Toys and children’s items also have their place, and it’s not in the family room. Designate space in your children’s closets or underneath their beds solely for their toys.

Hiding Storage in Plain Sight

If you don’t have the square footage to rearrange and organise your stuff, consider purchasing a piece of furniture which doubles as storage. Upholstered storage benches, for example, are designed to offer an attractive perch or occasional table as well as a discreet place for storage. Ottomans are back in fashion and they can often be another great storage option. There are quite a few ottomans to look through on Made.com. They’re great for holding blankets, magazines, and a number of other knick knacks. Not only do these storage options look good paired with stronger colours or softer beiges, but they’ve got special hinges that’ll stay open for hands-free tidying.


Ottoman image 

Overpriced Paint?

Have a desire to update your colour pallet but don’t have the budget to hire a painter? No problem! Wallpaper is a reasonably priced alternative to paint cans and come in a variety of textiles/patterns. You can add a touch of character with a bright, floral print or make a kid’s room jump to life with a mural. If you’re not up for wallpapering the entire wall, you can also opt for just the border. It’s an easy and cost-efficient decorating trend.

Cosmetic Fixes

When you don’t have the financial means to replace all your furniture, you can change up the look of an old sofa or worn bedroom set by incorporating chic accessories. A slip-cover is a piece of fabric which can revamp your couch in a matter of minutes. Throw pillows are also inexpensive and easy to implement.

There’s no need to spend superfluous amounts of money to renovate your home. Just by decluttering, adding hints of colour, and implementing simple cosmetic fixes, you can introduce new life into a dark and dingy space.

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