Luxury towels

A calm bath or a relaxing shower is a great way to sooth your senses and bid goodbye to stress. The whole relaxation process completes when you step out into fluffy luxury towels after taking a bath. Luxury towels are known for their softness and designs. Their super absorbent and anti-bacterial properties make them stand apart from others. Let us have a look at some popular luxury towels.

Matouk luxury towel

Matouk’s luxury towels are made of Cairo Egyptian cotton terry consisting of three lines of appliqué tape. The guest towels and wash cloths have only single stripe of tape. Each towel comes with a monogram and the price of the towel depends upon the monogram style. The towels come in a variety of colors available in Matouk Tape Chart. These towels are manufactured in USA and usually take four to six weeks to ship.

Abyss super pile Egyptian cotton towel

Abyss super pile cotton towel is one of the most softest and absorbent towels that you will come across, making it the best of all in the list. This towel is very durable making it last longer even after many washes. These towels come with no border, continuous bias trim and rounded corners. These towels are pre-dyed and pre-shrunk, making the entire towel along with the label of the same color. Another great feature of these towels is that they dry faster than the rest of the regular towels. You can choose your favorite among a wide variety of 60 colors available.

Microcotton luxury towels

Microcotton luxury towels are the ideal luxury towels for your home. These towels are made of 100% ringspun MicroCotton, making them super soft to touch and luxurious to feel. These towels have distinct ribbed hem detailing. These towels are very comfortable to use and maintain. They are hand or machine washable and available in a variety of exotic colors to choose from. However, you should protect these towels from coming in contact with benzoyl peroxide to prevent spotting or bleaching.

Fieldcrest® luxury bath towel

Fieldcrest luxury bath towels are made from plush terry cloth, which is very soft and gentle on your skin. These towels are highly moisture absorbent and medium weight. Their soft micro-cotton material makes them more durable and convenient to use. These towels are available in a wide range of warm and exotic colors. You will also find these towels in sizes larger than other standard towels.

Thomas O’Brien® bath towels

The Thomas O’Brien® bath towels are the most absorbent towels that you will find. They are among the latest terry-weave bath products from Thomas O’Brien. These towels are available in a wide range of rich and beautiful colors. These towels are easy to use, machine washable and resistant to bleach. These towels are very soft and fluffy and feel great to touch.

Organic cotton towels

Organic cotton towels are Turkish, natural bath towels that feel great to touch. Turkish towels have an age old history of being fluffy, thick and highly absorbent. These towels are made from 100% cotton grown under completely natural and sustainable conditions. The cotton used in these towels is GOTS certified guaranteeing its genuineness and production without using any toxins and pesticides. These are the finest and most stylish towels that one can find.

Ferrari luxury black bath towel

Ferrari luxury black bath towels are very elegant and smart towels. These luxury towels are a part of the Ferrari bath towels collection. The Ferrari luxury black bath towels are made from 100% cotton, which makes them highly absorbent and soft to touch. These towels are available in two standard sizes. These towels are available in red and black colors. The Ferrari logo on these towels gives them a sophisticated look. These towels are very durable and don’t lose their elegance even after many washes.

Organic bath towel by Turkish company

Organic bath towels by Turkish Towel Company are made from 100% organic cotton, making them everyone’s favorite. The edges of these towels are double stitched, which increases their durability and life. These towels are also inspected thrice before being approved for sale. The elegant design and fresh color of these towels make them a wonderful piece for any home. These towels are soft and smooth, and even after a number of washes these towels don’t lose their shape and looks. These towels come in medium size that suits bodies of almost every size. These towels are an ideal gift for your loved ones. Being non-fluffy, these towels take up less space and don’t shed any fibers.

Zenith bath towels

Zenith bath towels are very stylish bath towels that are plush and wonderfully deep. These towels would hardly have a parallel in luxury, durability, absorbency and durability. These towels have closely woven double-loops making them incredibly soft. The towel collection from Zenith is highly absorbent having a great looking ribbed border. With these superb bath towels, you can bring style and luxury to your home.

Black makeup washcloths

Black makeup washcloths are an ideal solution for the make-up stains. These black make-up washcloths are very easy to use and maintain. With these washcloths, you can prevent your towels from getting stained. These towels are very soft and gentle on your facial skin than any other generic wash cloth.

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