Madonna’s gorgeous Manhattan apartment revealed

The mouldings and fireplace

The vivacious and charming Madonna owns a beautiful apartment in Manhattan Upper West Side. The apartment was just all that she wanted in order to love her environment. The apartment was creatively designed by Madonna’s younger brother Christopher G. Ciccone. Though a subdued apartment it came out as a glamorous consecrated place.

The Blueprint

It is true that Madonna gave just ten days to her brother to do it. She had committed him with the blueprint of her Los Angeles house and never had any thought of letting anyone else fancy and accomplish the New York space. Madonna alleges that there was no one else who she could count on more than her brother as they both grew up together and had the same tastes from music to food. It is a known fact that it was Ciccone who designed the set of the Blonde Ambition tour that was the arrangement for the documentary Truth or Dare. Ciccone does not have any formal or professional art training but is said to be an artist by reason of his own ability and ownership.

Design and layout

Ciccone avers that he knew well how he wanted to design the apartment. He claims that the Los Angeles houses have big living spaces that are garret-like properties to them and gives a feel of living in an apartment. However Ciccone says that in New York he was keen in creating a graceful space for his sister that would be so peaceful. Also Madonna personally likes New York when compared to Los Angeles as she feels at home when in New York. She feels more comfortable, a city atmosphere with people around and a cozy living with the outside world without being bounded to a mechanical lifestyle. She finds New York a much preferred place to relax. Nevertheless, she still insists on staying in a safe place. Despite the fact that there is a good view of Central Park, she still does not feel exposed.

The apartment was originally deuce-ace separate units. Initially the first apartment was bought by Madonna and Sean Penn which comprised of the front room, dining room, a small kitchen and two small bed chambers. The second unit was purchased a year or two after the couple divorced. The third apartment was acquired after six months when the apartment was emptied. It consists of the living room and the bath

The final look

During the designing of the apartment, all the master design plans were made by Ciccone, consulting Madonna every week. The expressive style that came forth is a posh early Art Déco look, carried out by architect Stephen Wang who is a partner of the New York firm Procter and Wang. Ciccone focused on keeping as many as archetype details of the 1915 edifice as plausible, suchlike castings and hearths and gave more care to all minute details like door handle and even the color of the screws.

Adding to the beauty of the apartment, there is an addition that makes Madonna feel happy, she adores her billet as she could look up to the Picasso above her desk while faxing things. The endearing celebrity has indeed proved to have an adept commitment in looks, be it a movie, or music or designing her house.

The living room

The lounge

The clean and tidy kitchen

The back sitting room

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