Pottery barn bedding for girls

There comes a time when your little girl develops her own taste and her personality starts to flourish, accounting for a change in style and taste. It may get a little difficult, as a parent, to keep up with your stylish girl’s changing taste for bedding. So, if you are going through the same situation where your taste no more applies, then its time to respect your angel’s choices and give her the room she has always desired for with colorful and lively bedding by Pottery Barn. The exquisite bedding will make sure your cutie pie sleeps coated with comfort and slips into a world of dreams for a beautiful day ahead.

Nora Quilted Bedding

Price: $36.50-$219.00

Welcome spring in your baby doll’s room with the flowery Nora Quilted Bedding. The hand quilted creation has a white cotton percale base which has a rippled texture. The base has been used to delicately place oversized blooms in percale appliques. The softness of the pure cotton quilted bedding adds the much needed warmth that one requires while lying inside the bed.

What’s unique: The bedding has fetched heavy inspiration from spring gardens and comes coated with all the freshness. The flowers, in various textures and designs, have been elegantly appliqued over white percale

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Savannah Whitney Quilted Bedding

Price: $24.50-$129.00

Pink makes every girl go weak in the knees. Ornament the bed with Savannah Whitney Quilted Bedding and see her living the pink dream right inside the comfort of her bedroom. The one of a kind design exudes brilliance and has been woven out of pure cotton.

What’s unique: The whole cloth quilt with its embroidered floral pattern will brighten up the room further. It can be further customized as per your baby’s whims at a very nominal price.

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Grace Quilted Bedding

Price: $32.50-$194.00

Grace Quilted Bedding will add class as your little girl moves from being cute and starts turning into a beautiful young doll with her own personality. The use of cotton cambric comes embellished with subtle colors and the presence of polka dots will add cheerfulness to the space.

What’s unique: This all cotton quilted bedding along with gathers has been prewashed for extra comfort. The attention grabbing texture of the girls bedding gives it the much required classiness and of course grace.

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Sasha Quilted Bedding

Price: $26.99-$179.99

The very girly Sasha Quilted Bedding has been set in colors purple and pink with little touches of polka dots and woodblock flowers, giving it all the prettiness possible.

What’s unique: The fun design has a timeless look, which can be used for years at a stretch. Set in high quality fabric, it will never go out of style.

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Gabrielle Quilted Bedding

Price: $24.50-$194.00

Looking for that perfect bedding for your girl’s room, then your search ends here. Join the gang of butterfly, flowers and leaves with the Gabrielle Quilted Bedding that is prewashed and has 100% cotton fill.

What’s unique: If you believe in fun and functionality at the same time, then this girl’s bedding won’t disappoint you even a bit.

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Lillian Quilted Bedding

Price: $26.50-$164.00

Let the shade of blue dance in your girl’s room with this fanciful hand sewn quilted bedding. The refreshing design of the bedding will definitely be a hit in your cute pumpkin’s room as floral design meets cool blue, making it nothing but an adorable choice.

What’s unique: Lillian Quilted Bedding is available as it is or can be customized as per your liking and taste.

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Brannan Quilted Bedding

Price: $24.99-$149.99

Let the aura of birds chirp into your angel’s room through Brannan Quilted Bedding. The bedding features a vibrant peacock and floral appliqués on a fresh background of white. The lovely and sophisticated design can be especially for you on order as well.

What’s unique: The textured design of Brannan Quilted Bedding will add a fashionable touch with its girly yet modern feel.

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Dahlia Medallion Quilted Bedding

Price: $36.50-$219.00

Add the serene medallion to your doll’s room and make the space perfect for her. The truly adorable quilted bedding oozes elegance, which will reflect any girl’s style and personality.

What’s unique: The heavy use of white makes this bedding whimsically unique and flavorful.

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Camille Quilted Bedding

Price: $25.99-$149.99

Fun, stylish and glamorous, this Camille Quilted Bedding will set the perfect mood for a room that longs for a girly touch. The combination of pink, green and yellow gives it an edge and a very versatile color palette accounting for a petite appeal.

What’s unique: The crafty collection has a look that your daughter will fall in love with. It will help create an elegant room adding a special accent for a spectacular space.

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Brigette Ruffle Quilted Bedding

Price: $32.50-$194.00

Dotting the face of this quilt are ruffles and fairies, which will shower gorgeous charm all through the length and breadth of the room. Set in contemporary colors, it will make the room nothing less than a dreamy fairytale.

What’s unique: The light in weight bedding looks great and can be mixed and matched with a variety of bedroom accessories, which will make Brigette Ruffle Quilted Bedding an all time favorite.

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