Maintaining and cleaning your artificial grass lawn

Artificial lawns are expensive investments that need to be guarded properly. It doesn’t come as a surprise to note that you would need to take extra of your artificial grass lawn if you want to preserve its life. The good thing about artificial grass lawns is that they require very little maintenance; aka no mowing, no fertilizing and no watering.

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However, that doesn’t mean you can translate that to zero maintenance, for artificial grass lawns require some looking after if you want them to remain the way they are for many more years to come. Here are some simple and easy tips that would help you take care of your artificial lawn better. These tips would ensure that your dream grass lawn looks and feels spectacular for a really long time.

Removing debris from the artificial lawn

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Just because its artificial grass does not mean it cannot harbor growths. You need to understand that a synthetic turf is also prone to dirt and organic growths. Over time, the grass blades will start attracting all sorts of debris. If you allow the debris to accumulate on the turf, sooner or later the grass will start attracting unwanted organic growth. So make sure you clean the lawn and remove accumulated debris from it at least once a month to prevent this growth. You can also consider investing in a weed killer (water based) to spread on the lawn after cleaning it in order to prevent organic growth.

Brushing the artificial lawn

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It would take at least a couple of months for the sand infills in the synthetic turf to settle down. Hence, it is considered essential to brush the lawn lightly, preferably once a month or so until the infills settle in completely. Use a brush that has soft bristles for the job as hard bristles can wear away the grass blades. Brushing the artificial lawn periodically would thus, help it reach its optimum condition faster.

Protecting the artificial lawn

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It is imperative that you protect your artificial lawn from any nearby activities that might affect it adversely. While you can’t prevent these activities from taking place (it’s a neighborhood after all), you can choose to take appropriate measures to keep your lawn safe instead. For instance, if someone is painting or washing their car nearby, you can choose to cover the synthetic turf with a plastic sheet. This way, any spillages from these activities would not get on the turf and affect it.

Removing pet feces from the artificial lawn

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If you have a lawn and a pet at home, take it for granted that your pet would most definitely want to play in it. Not to worry though, for artificial grass lawns are considered safe for pets. For starters, you don’t need to worry about them bringing back pests and fleas they might have got from the grass blades (in the case of traditional grass lawns). There is also no need to worry about the lawn being affected by pet feces.

Even if your pet were to relieve itself on the turf, you can remove the feces manually and wash the area with a solution of washing detergent and hot water. Just make sure you clean the area quickly, for if the feces dries, it may stain the turf.

Removing stains from the artificial lawn

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Like in the previous case, it is very easy to remove stains from artificial grass lawns, provided you act fast. Removing stains quickly will prevent them from settling in. Use a spatula to scoop up pastes and other solid wastes. Wipe off liquid stains with a cloth before washing the area with hot water and detergent powder (do the same for solid stains as well). This would keep your artificial grass lawn clean and in proper condition for longer periods.


Although artificial grass lawns require little maintenance when compared to traditional grass lawns, they would need to be taken care of properly if you want them to remain beautiful and clean for many more years. The tips mentioned above would help you take care of your synthetic turf better.

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