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Seven monitoring tools to ensure smart energy home

Green Energy OptionCan anybody imagine a day without electricity? Well, almost everything runs on electricity, LCDs, home theaters, lamps, microwaves and many more. Our life will become stagnant without electricity. Thus, we should use energy wisely and reduce its wastage as much as possible. There are numerous monitoring tools which help us to know about the energy consumption and help us save energy. Smart meters are available in market which tries to monitor energy and save both money and energy. Here we have the list of such smart meters which you can install for monitoring your energy consumption.

1. Energy hub

Energy hub

Energy hub is a high-end energy dashboard. It freshly rose funding of series A and worked on pilot trial taking 50 homes in consideration in an East Coast City. The devices are to be sold to the consumers online and through utilities.

2. Tendril

TendrilTendril is featured with energy management services that manage the energy consumption. The system includes a wireless in home energy display, a stylish thermostat; web portal energy startup, cell phone apps and many more. The whole system is attached wireless and operates on a Zig Bee network. The interaction between the consumer and the energy provider helps in transparency in energy bill.

3. Onzo


Onzo, London based start-up was designed by Glasgow based firm Lightweight Medical. It uses energy harvesting technology that draws energy from home electrical cable. The manufacturer has raised $ 4 million from Sigma Capital Group and Scottish and southern Energy.

4. Agilewaves

AgilewavesAgilewaves helps in making resource consumption choices precise with concrete results. It is featured with high quality data system that store and organize data and delivers it to right user. The system is basically designed for huge buildings and it needs to be embedded in home by an electrician. It is featured to be used in dim lights and in adjusting smart appliances.

5. Google power Meter

Google power MeterGoogle power meter is an online energy information tool. This sizzling smart meter will help the consumer to collect huge data of energy used and will help them to mold their actions.

6. Green Energy Option

Green Energy OptionGreen Energy Option is a home energy monitoring system and is also called Home Energy Hub. It is featured with three display option, that is the solo, the duet and the trio. The solo is one panel display and shows real time pricing and the consumption of energy, the two paneled duet shows energy management of six appliances and the trio can organize up to 100 sensors and has a large touch screen.

7. Energy Aware

Energy AwareEnergy Aware is a power tab that uses smart meters to collect the information of energy price and electricity used. It is wireless and monitors energy and helps the users in saving money and reducing energy wastage. The power tab can reduce energy consumption up to 20%.