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Moonlight on your walls!

moonlight wall sconce
Fascinated by the exquisiteness of moon? Admire the beauty of the moonlight in your room with the “Moonlight” sconce. The sconce series featuring LED and fiber optics is part of sustainable furniture series of Exposed LED bed. Designed for sustainability and eco-conscious life style, Moonlight enhances the dreary wall with its cool appearance. Talking of the eco-factor, the sconce is made from the recycled teak wood and is roughly finished for its rustic look. Offered in different color by Rubio Monocoat natural oil finish, sconce brings the beauty to your walls. The LED and fiber optic lights on the sconce not only consume less power but also have the capacity to light upto 5000 hours. Turn it on or off, Moonlight is just the new and cool development of wall sconce which enhances the walls with style.

moonlight wall sconce1