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Moving Furniture in Your New Home: DIY vs. Movers

Anyone who has had to move before will tell you that while it may be exciting, it is also very tedious. From remembering everything on your moving checklist, to actually arriving at your new home, it requires attention to detail, organization, and more importantly…patience. Be that as it may, the stress continues for many as they enter their new home filled with unpacked boxes and furniture. Handling your wooden or antique furniture with extra care is extremely important to maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

Arranging Your Furniture

Moving small items such as your chairs, side tables, and accessories might be simple. All you have to do is grab a partner to help with the lifting while you guide your furniture to a location that best suits the living space. But what do you do when the furniture pieces are heavy, oddly shaped, or large in size?


Why Moving it Yourself May Not be Ideal

Do it yourselfers look to save a great deal of money by handling things that they would otherwise hire a professional for, rather than getting help for residential moving with United or a similar company. However, in some instances, doing it yourself may not be in your best interest. In this case, when it comes to antiqued or heavy furnishings, moving it yourself may do more harm than good. You run the risk of:

  • Causing physical injuries to yourself – Lifting things that are extremely heavy could result in physical injuries that can include anything from a back ache to a broken bone. Improper lifting techniques such as forgetting to bend your knees could really do damage to your back and cause long term issues.
  • Damaging the furniture – When you’re struggling to lift something heavy, you will have a hard time maneuvering the furniture throughout your home. This increases the possibility of the furniture being dropped, scratched on other surfaces, or broken.
  • Decreasing the value of antiques – Just like a car with dents and scratches on it will warrant a lower asking price, damaged furniture can also cut the value significantly. If you had any intentions on preserving your antique furniture or selling it one day, the dings and dents could decrease the value.

Requesting Additional Services from Moving Company


If you hired a moving company to assist you with your relocation, you’re going about it the right way. Professional movers offer you assistance in moving your furniture safely and efficiently. It can be easy to consider doing it yourself to save money, but when you weigh the risks involved, paying for additional moving services is a worthy expenditure. Professional movers provide:

  • Experience and Training – Movers are experienced in moving furniture throughout properties of all shapes and sizes. They are trained on methods for carefully arranging your personal belongings wherever you’d like them to be without any complication.
  • Specialized Tools – When manually moving a piece of furniture becomes complex, movers can also utilize special tools for easier lifting and maneuvering. Large objects such as a wooden china cabinet can easily be lifted and placed in your dining room without so much as a scratch or dent.

So before you pull your hair out thinking about the difficulty of moving large furniture and other objects in your new home, find a moving company that can assist you with loading, unloading, and arranging your furniture for a reasonable rate. You can prevent physical injuries, damage to your property, and retain the aesthetic beauty of your furniture.


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