Mr Lem makes for an outstanding outdoor furniture

mr lem stool
Myyour, an Italian company introduces new outdoor furniture with the stool-table named “Mr Lem”. Designed by Moredesign, the stackable stool-table is designed like a small spaceship. The shape is innovative by itself, giving the impression of spaceship landing on the moon. Designer has made a beautiful effort to create an object that is easily recognizable by bonding in and outdoors, moving away from the typical and dreary shape of ottomans. Perfectly suitable for being placed in the backyard or poolside the stool bestows an outstanding look to your outdoor space.

The decisive lines and simple shape makes it for elegant furniture and its symmetry enables putting two ottomans in space of one. Perfect to complete the look of the garden, the stool-table makes a mark in one’s memory with its elegant appearance.

mr lem stool1

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