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Oasis intelligent kitchen for the year 2020 when cooking is a lost art

In the future, the young generation would be less and less inclined to the older ways of living and one of the major dissociation from the past would be the way this new generation of city dwellers interacts with food. With fast food outlets and eating out already having been established as a big part of the youth’s daily routine, cooking at home would be deemed a redundant activity and the kitchen area would be one the least used spaces in homes. To allow this future generation to fit in more fluidly with a changing social scenario and to allow them to maximize the functional space in their home, Chinese designer Yifei Li has created the Oasis intelligent kitchen concept. The concept allows people of a future generation to see cooking as a relevant activity in the course of their daily routines.

OASIS - Kitchen Design

Designed to be a space-saver as well as a space that can perform all the traditional functions of a kitchen without occupying too much space, the Oasis intelligent kitchen would come fitted with high-tech applications as well as oriental aesthetics making the space fit in more beautifully with the interiors of the rest of the home. The Oasis intelligent kitchen will not only cater to a modern way of living in which food preparation and consumption at home is no longer a major part of the average urban dweller’s family life, but it will also allow a more evolved way of using the kitchen and cooking as a way of socializing in the more traditional sense.

With a hidden stove and wine freezer, the Oasis intelligent kitchen will allow users to better utilize their time in the kitchen by offering them easy access to food preparation and cooking areas. The counter and sinks would be fitted a self-cleaning system as well as a recycling system to boost the kitchen’s efficiency.

An integrated water tank would allow the kitchen tot maximize the water resources available while hidden storage unit would allow users to store plates and cutlery out of sight when they are not needed. The kitchen would come with an integrated vegetable cultivation area that would provide users with fresh herbs and groceries. An open rotary hearth with an integrated circular rotating stove surface will allow many users to cook on the stove simultaneously while a multifunction hood would turn into a party light as and when needed.

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