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Old features that still inspire many modern homes

Not all people are fond of modern houses with sleek and minimalist features. Some still crave the old house features, which are beneficial for various daily purposes. When you examine the usage of some of the old house features, you will wonder why they ever went out of fashion. Modern homeowners should consider the useful old house features before constructing or finalizing the design of their house for incorporating them with the new architectural features. In the following, you will find the old house features, which have not gone out of fashion and still feature in the design of modern homes.

 Dutch Doors

Dutch Doors:

Simple and visually pleasing, the Dutch Doors were used by the Dutch people settled in New York and New Jersey in the eighteenth century. These doors are divided in the middle and you can just open the upper portion to let the fresh air and sunlight in the room. Making such doors at home is not difficult. You will just have to use the sliding bolt, so that the door works as a single unit.

 sleeping porches

The Sleeping Porches:

Using the porch for sleeping outdoors is an age old yet brilliant idea. During the hot summers, people simply want fresh breeze at night. You can easily turn your porch into a sleeping porch and make it look brilliant. The health professionals of early 20th century advised their patients to sleep in the porch, so that they get sufficient fresh air. That’s the time when sleeping porches become popular.

 Transom Windows

Transom Windows:

In many old homes, you may find lovely glass panels just a little above the doors. Called Transom Windows, such glass panels originated during the popularity of Mission or Arts and Crafts style. You can use beautiful colored glasses for creating timeless patterns. These windows help in letting natural light in, while improving the air circulation.

 Laundry Chute

Laundry Chute:

Some modern homeowners are opting for the laundry chute for added convenience. The laundry chute works like a pipeline made for transporting dirty clothes from the upper floors to the laundry room downstairs. If you have two or three storied home, then you may build a laundry chute for connecting the laundry room and the upper storey.

 Butler’s Pantry

Butler’s Pantry:

Open kitchens attached with the dining room is a modern feature but die hard home cooks will love to have more privacy. The Butler’s Pantry is a separate room where chefs used to prepare themselves for cooking and the necessary ingredients were stored, away from the prying eyes. Make a small walk in Butler’s Pantry for storing food ingredients, so that you do not have to run to the grocery store five times a day.

 dumbwaiter is a small lift inside your home


Another exciting old house feature, the dumbwaiter is a small lift inside your home for carrying stuffs like grocery, books or other heavy materials from one floor to another. Even today, the dumbwaiters are useful, if you have a multistoried house. Just make sure that your kids do not use it too much because it is not for humans.

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Rumford Fireplace:

When it came into being, the Rumford Fireplace enjoyed the status of being very modern. It became popular during the middle of eighteenth century. Rumford Fireplace is shallow but tall and conducts heat faster around the rooms. In modern times when heating costs have become high, we should start using this type of fireplace once again.


Several old house features have made a great comeback. These features can enhance the design of your home and make it look more interesting.

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