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Pendulum Clock lets you see different colors of time

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Back in 1656, scientist Christian Huygens would never have thought that his invention the Pendulum Clock would go such a long way. Now, after three and a half decades, a Singaporean designer is busy creating the Color Clock, which can be considered as the face of the future. Still in the concept stage, the amazing clock would instantly take you back to the days of Star Wars and Star Trek.

Designed as a timepiece with minimal décor, except for a pendulum to remind you the origin behind its name, the pendulum clock relies on colors to communicate to the user the approximate time throughout the day. It emits different colored lights that are in relation to the color of the skyline as the day progresses. With a dull shade of yellow to hint the break of dawn to brighter shades of yellow as the morning progresses; shades of pink for the noon that gradually turn violet; and later, blue as evening and night descend. The Pendulum Clock is a marvel in itself.

Its outstanding design not only gives it a futuristic appeal but also makes it stand out from the other surrounding environs. Designed as a timepiece that can serve as a table lamp or a wall decor, the Pendulum or Color Clock is a piece of art in itself.

Via: Coroflot

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