Perfect landscape and pergola design ideas and for stylish homes

A pergola is the perfect addition to an outdoor living space. It helps create a semi-shaded sitting spot that can be as decadently decorated as the homeowner desires. Depending on how much space you have available in your backyard, front yard, balcony, desk or exterior space, you can use create a pergola that also serves as an architectural installation or an addition to your garden’s landscape. Here are a few radical landscape and pergola design ideas for your home. Visit Michaelangelo’s for designing & implementing stunning landscapes from scratch to keeping them looking pristine with regular maintenance

1. Wave pergola design ideas

The wave pergola design is a true style statement. It is suited to larger outdoor space.

2. Minimalist cylindrical landscape and pergola design ideas

A minimalistic cylindrical pergola is perfect for people who don’t want an overpowering installation.

3. Green landscape and pergola design ideas

A green or living pergola essentially a pergola that has been turned into a gardenscape using green leafy vines.

4. Blinds-laden pergola

If you crave some privacy and sun protection inside your pergola you can always install some blinds.

5. Shaded pergola

Pergolas have traditionally used wide spaced beams for its roof though the more modern designs also favor the use of blinds-like shaded structures.

6. Thatched landscape and pergola design ideas

To give your pergola a tropical makeover, you can ways put a thatched roof over it.

7. Solar pergola

Want your pergola to double up as an energy station? Just install solar panels on top of it!

8. Floral landscape and pergola design ideas

If you really have a lot of time and patience, you can always allow floral vines to grow on your pergola and turn it into a floral monument.

9. Soft lit pergola

Add leftover Christmas lighting to your pergola to make a romantic hangout spot.

10. Draped pergola

If you already have a traditional pergola installed in your home, you can always give it a makeover by adding flimsy drapes to it.

Try These 7 Landscape Design Inspirational Ideas To Beautify Your Outdoor Spaces

A home is a place that replicates your true personality in many ways. We all have a picture in our mind about how our home should be. Every minor detail plays a very important role in the overall appearance and look. The interiors, as well as the appearance of the exteriors, are important. In this article, you will get a few landscape and pergola design ideas that blend in a multi-functional look. These ideas will help you get the maximum benefit of the space you have around your home.

Pet playgrounds and pens

Landscape DesignPeople who have pets in the house can understand how playful they are. As much as pets love to play indoors, the fun that they have outdoors is inexpressible. One of the ideas for landscape designing is to create a beautiful playground or pen for your pet.

You can make a colorful play area by placing different types of slides, slopes, and even toys. Furthermore, you can also create a nice house for them with a play zone. Do not forget to add a space for their water bowl. For those who have cats, you can choose to have a nice decent – sized cat tree.

Enjoy the view of vertical gardens

Vertical gardens landscape design inspirational ideas have an element of style and beauty. You can bring any space to life with the help of a vertical garden. Consider opting for different colored flowers instead of just the pain greenery.

Even the placement and layout of the vertical garden plays a vital role. With a small twist and a few placement ideas, you can easily transform your outdoor space. Depending on the size, width, and length of the wall, choose a layout that will make your space look good and not cramped up.

Gazebos and pergola design ideas with fire pits

Gazebos and Pergolas with fire pits are other options that you have. These landscape design inspirational ideas bring in a nice and warm look to your outdoor space. Consider having a small fire pit within the seating area for the cold days.

Give the Gazebo or Pergola a traditional touch and blend that in with some low or medium height furniture. Along with that, you can also consider having a small music system and hanging pots around the space to enhance the look.

The touch of water element through pools and fountains

Pools and fountains are a great way to bring in the fluid element to your space. You do not have to have too much of space to get them installed. They are one of the best ideas for landscape designing which will make a big impact.

If you decide to go for a fountain, you can blend it with some water plants to enhance the look. Similarly, if you are considering a pool, then leave a little space to have some fresh plants along the border.

Time to build an outdoor kitchen with an entertainment section

outdoor kitchenOutdoor kitchens have always been one of the most popular landscape design inspirational ideas. Mostly, we build outdoor kitchens with entertainment options like the TV, Home Theater, or even a music system. Well, you can take your outdoor kitchen a step forward by introducing a small play zone along with entertainment section.  You can decorate the surrounding areas with lovely flowers and greenery to add to its beauty.

Creative landscape design ideas by playing with lights

You can never go wrong when you opt for lighting fixtures and lights as a decorative idea. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, proper lighting is important. Instead of placing small lights or regular lighting fixtures, consider opting for a decorative piece.

To add to the beauty of the landscape, multi-colored lights will look equally good. While going for this option, make sure that you do consider a few bright colors. This will help to spike up the look of your outdoors as well as enhance any of the pergola design ideas you choose.

Mix and match designs and styles

Mix and match creative landscape design ideas have their own beauty and style. Through this concept, you can achieve a very beautiful look and finish. There is a lot of flexibility with this theme since you have no limitations or restrictions. Along with that, you also have the liberty to play with colors, prints, and design sizes.

Tips to Turn Your Outdoor Space into a Tranquil Sanctuary

When you get tired of your hectic schedule, you may want to give yourself a refreshment dose. Have you thought that you can feel refreshed in your outdoor home itself? You may simply do this by creating your own sanctuary in your outdoor home, so you may enjoy its relaxing environment. This will give you a chance to get some fresh air in the lap of nature. Your own sanctuary is a real retreat that gives you a great ambiance for relaxation. Here are some landscape and pergola design ideas and tips that can help you create a soothing outdoor sanctuary to act as your own luxurious facility.

Organize your space and add basic elements

pergolaIt is very important to add some basic architectural elements while designing your outdoor sanctuary. This is a place where you would be seeking relaxation and privacy from the world outside. Thus, make use of fabric elements to create a seating area that is your personal space. You may add an overhead trellis, arbor or pergola to give a great visual appeal to your space. You may also consider the use of fabrics and drapery that not only adds to privacy, but also gives a shield from sunlight. In addition, it is also critical to use sufficient lighting options to use the space for dining or relaxation with family and friends.

Set the required furniture

outdoor furniture

There is a variety of outdoor furniture available in several types of materials. You may choose your own style and materials according to your budget. Check what is most comfortable for your needs. You may select nice lounge chairs, loveseats or daybeds. If you want, then you may add a drinks bar at the side. Many people also like to add lovely fire pits in the open area. You may also use this idea to add spark to your outdoor sanctuary.

Create a pleasurable ambiance

landscapeTo create a great ambiance in your outdoor sanctuary, there are a number of ideas that can be used according to the space you possess. You may work a bit on the landscape to make it look all fresh and inviting. Keep your environment greener by adding plants, bushes, grass etc. If there is a pool in your outdoor home, then it is wonderful enough to add to your pleasurable setting. Else, you may plan to add some water features or other natural elements using fire pits and chimneys.

Use nice lighting equipment

nice lighting equipmentLighting is a critical part of your personal outdoor sanctuary. It not only adds to a great ambiance, but also keeps your home safe. You can enjoy good lighting in your outdoor sanctuary with your family from the inside of your house. Add nice lighting features and equipment that could brighten up you space according to your mood. Make sure to add different types of lighting elements in your leisure area and the landscape. A nice and warm outdoor sanctuary can be a charm for you anytime. You may want to visit such type of a sanctuary whenever you are free of all domestic activities.


Everyone looks for a calm and tranquil sanctuary to spend quality time with family and friends after a hectic day at work. With proper planning and sparing some time; you can turn your outdoor space into a tranquil sanctuary where you can shed all your worries and refresh your body and mind in the lap of nature. The tips and pergola design ideas mentioned above will help make your home a bliss to unwind from your day to day stress.

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