The Lantern Table from Nautical Furniture and other lantern design ideas

The Lantern Table

Lanterns are used for different purposes right from using as a torch in the dark; to a part of decoration for traditional ceremonies. Based on their uses, lanterns are available in various designs. It depends on how they are to be used, whether as a torch for camping and other outdoor purposes at night or for lighting up rooms or the entire venue in ceremonies and events. The simplest form of lantern is a candle which has to be protected from the wind blowing it off. A typical candle lantern is an enclosure of metal with mica or glass as side panels with a cover which is for ventilation or at times without any cover. Let us check out some lantern design ideas you can use for your home.

Functional lantern design ideas and concepts to illuminate dark nights

The Lantern Table from Nautical Furniture

The Lantern Table
Now here is a completely original idea for a lamp as well as a table. You simply combine the two to make a great lighting angle and a shimmering table at the same time! The 17″H Lantern Table from Nautical Furniture features a fully functional table and a lamp that truly light up your living room. With a solid brass-centered 6-spoke ship’s wheel measuring 24″ diameter made in solid wood forming the base, the table stands sturdy. Unparalleled in look and style, the lamp is custom designed to withstand the weight of the glass top apart from most standard decorative items like vases and statuettes. You will be tempted to copy the design; however, we strongly suggest that you don’t make attempts to build a similar piece at home using the lamp your mum-in-law gave for your wedding shower!

Ylight lantern Concept

This is named after its Y-shape which has a light source at the end of each tip.There is no requirement of providing power as it uses kinetic energy and transforms it into electrical energy when a finger is placed into its center and rotated. Even as it has a single source for power the three light sources can be used independently or even together. Each light source makes a 45 degree rotation and so it is useful when one needs the light in different directions.

Kuch Lantern Concept

Kuch Lantern Concept

Though there is no assurance on the lasting of the light or how it will work for longer hours, yet it looks pretty good for your room. It is very easy to charge it. You just have to place it on its dock and it will start charging. After buying you need to squeeze its body for activating it. You may also spin the rotary dial at the base of this lantern.

The Christmas Tree lantern design ideas

The Christmas Tree Lantern looks beautiful yet sober and hence it is popular during the festive season of Christmas. People with their families and friends can gather around the lantern after decorating the Christmas Tree and having dinner with each other feeling the spirit of the festival. It can also be made. You will only need a PVC tube, natural fabric, a lamp and clothes peg. Just sew the fabric in a cylindrical form and then hang it after you’ve wet it with water. Now place the PVC tube inside it and close it. Due to gravitation the fabric will take the form of a Christmas tree, forming a lampshade. Just spray some more water on it so that it forms ice and sparkles.

Lantern Concept by Franklin Gaw

Lantern Concept by Franklin GawThe idea of this lantern is conceived by Franklin Gaw which will definitely make all the horticulturists run after buying this. It is a wonderful idea of a sapling in a lantern which will grow with favorable conditions provided and will at the same time give light. It does the work of both a lantern (first purpose essentially) and a nursery for the sapling to grow which you can later plant and grow more. So you always have the option to put the sapling of your choice and later grow it. However there is one thing which is of concern. The light should not be too much that it will give produce excessive heat for the sapling to survive.

Collapsible Solar Powered Lantern Concept

The best part of this lantern is that you don’t have to worry about charging it. Just place it in daylight and then use it at night. It looks quite similar to an Chinese lantern with the exception of being solar charged and that it can be collapsed. This makes the lantern portable and can be carried to far away places where there is no electricity. Designed by Jesper Jonsson, this lantern has a magnetic strap with which you can hang it while charging it or while using it to light up the place where you are staying.

GreenLantern: A flower pot and lamp clubbed into one

GreenLanternMarketplaces are flooded with decorating options, which can alter the look of any dwelling. Multifunctional products are fetching a lot of attention and designers are clubbing various features in a single piece. NudeLamp is out with one such product, which has been christened the GreenLantern.

The sophisticated illuminating option will make dead places beam with life. The lamp has been fashioned like a horn and looks very eye-appealing. As the name suggest, GreenLantern will embrace our beautiful surroundings and save them from further deterioration. The curvy lamp will be fitted with energy saving LED lights, which will add an instant glow.

This will save precious resources and cut down on electricity bills as well. But, here comes a twist. What till now has been described as a dainty lighting option is also a pretty planter. Surprised? The base houses a flower pot and can be used to place your favorite blossoms and plants. This will add a vivacious streak and brighten up the area even more.

LED lights will be seen ornamenting the horn. The best part being, the warmth produced by the radiance will help in the process of photosynthesis;’ and will also help to support plant growth. GreenLantern is an amazing product and will cake dwellings in eco-friendliness. It will fetch a lot of attention and sprinkle magic.

Aussie Adventure compact propane grill with night lantern

When you’re out camping with the family, the last thing you need is to be bogged down into settling on a spot you don’t entirely like just because going any further would mean having to cook in the dark. To remedy that situation comes this wonderful Aussie Adventure portable grill with a handy side burner and top mounted night lantern and a convenient carry bag. Weighing less than 30 lbs., the compact grill pumps out a mammoth 5,500 BTUs with 200 square inches of nonstick cooking surface letting you prep up a delicious meal for the whole party in a jiffy. Adjustable legs fold into the body so you don’t have any problem transporting it along the trek. The grill also rids you of having to worry about accidentally starting forest blazes due to neglected camp fires.

To Conclude

The lanterns for decorative purposes, too are of different types. Some are hung while some are placed on something or simply placed on the ground. The recent ones are the modern fueled lanterns ; while you can use the modern electric lanterns  for lighting streets and interiors. A fluorescent lantern is of great use for the longer hours of a power failure. The lantern design ideas in this article will help to pump up your home decor in many ways.

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