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A pillow for your plants and pencils!

clay pillow shaped flower vase
Well, pillows are not much talked about for décor of the house and in no intellect are pillows and vases related. However, Appleware pottery gives a new meaning to the pillow as well as vases. The pillow pots by Appleware are actually a vase in the shape of a pillow. The horizontal orientation gives a different slope to decorate the flowers in the uniquely shaped vases.

Offered in different sizes, the vase is made from clay and the inner section is glazed to hold water. The vases add beauty to your house when planted with plants, however, it can also be used as pencil holder and is also a perfect gift for your loved ones and that too at a reasonable price of $15. The possibilities are endless, so it all depends on your creativity how to make use of it and add splash to your décor.

clay pillow shaped flower vase2
clay pillow shaped flower vase1

Via: Etsy