Pursona cat eye beds are just perfect for your cats

purrsona cat eye bed
If you love your cats and looks for a comfortable place for them to rest, then you might check out this Pursona Cat Eye Bed. The bed from Precision Pet Products comes for one cat and even if you a cat with family. The bed is perfect for the cats as it carries the same attitude as your cat does. Made from sturdy plastic frame, the bed is added with the sisal scratching panel to the top, and plush washable bedding to the lower interior. The feather wand toy on the top is something which your pets will definitely love. Use it as single or stack it one over the other, your cat or the cat family will love to scratch, play and spy on it. Each part can be easily replaced, thus adding to its sustainability.

purrsona cat eye bed1
purrsona cat eye bed2

Via: Inventorspot

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