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Quick kitchen gadgets: Bosch MUM4 Compact Kitchen Machine

bosch mum4 compact NhWbj 1333
Hate it how your kitchen gizmos hog all that precious countertop space leaving you with literally no room to breathe? Well then this all new MUM4 Compact Kitchen Machine from Bosch is just what you need. With an integrated mixing bowl, beating and stirring whisks, and dough hook, the MUM4 eliminates the need for having many little appliances around the kitchen. A powerful 400 watt motor with overload and start protection ensures all your work in done in no time while a unique planetary gearing design ensures thorough mixing, no matter what consistency you want for your mixes. The MUM4 can tackle upto 6lbs of dough with ease with four electronically controlled speeds to help you achieve the desired results. The machine’s durable plastic body cleans up in a jiffy while suction feet and cord management system ensure your machine stays put on the counter top. For a mere $149.95, the Bosch MUM4 Compact Kitchen Machine is the ultimate all-in-one mixer for a true homemaker.
Source: 125west