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Perfect wash : Re-Cycle allows you to reuse water for laundry

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We all know that we need to stop wasting water to stall the possibility of a future without water or a war over water. But how many of us actually pay any heed to it?

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Washing machines make use of a lot of water which is later drained out. What if you could recycle that water? Re-Cycle by fervt88 is a perfect home product that will help you save water at home. It’s a three-in-one laundry center that includes a washing machine, a dryer and filter with a water tank.
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How it works?
Re-Cycle is a complete laundry system that helps washing and drying clothes, cleaning the used water thereby making it fit for reuse. It spins clockwise, impelling the water by gravity from the washing machine to the tank and vice versa thus saving space, water and energy. The water used for washing, falls to the deposit after the washing cycle has finished and it starts to clean for the next cycle. New cycle of washing can be initiated, once the process of water purification is completed.
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What’s different? Reusing the water leads to low water consumption while washing clothes. The functionality, blended with great looks, makes Re-Cycle a unique home product. I’m outta here to get it for my home and do my bit for saving the planet – you still waiting?
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Via: Product Design Forum