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Seven recycled furniture designs made using scrap

Scrap furniture

It might have occurred to everyone at some point that sometimes scrap materials should not be chucked out because they can be utilized in a whole lot of other ways, both creative and useful. Designers always tend to use new materials everytime they start a new piece of work but what about the whole lot of scraps that go totally wasted. Especially industrial wastes make really good furniture and stuffs like that. Scrap lab crafts is such a kind of group who make use of these discarded materials to make creative and innovative furniture. The group was formed in Bangkok at Kasetsart University Architecture
program. And using their creative mind they have come to offer a really varied range of unique furniture made out of scrap. The furniture below might look really interesting to you. So do think twice before you just throw away your scrap because you never know how interesting things might turn out with proper use.

1. Cutlery chair

Cutlery chair

Chairs have always been a basic necessity in home furnishing for relaxing. But this chair does not fall into the category of necessity. Made by designer Osian Batyka-Williams this is a really exquisite piece of art in which she made a really creative use of all his cutlery collection to make a chair out of it. So basically it’s not a very practical thing to use as it can hurt quite a lot but it’s a great piece for decoration.

2. Furniture made from recycled signs

Furniture made from recycled signs

Again furniture is a very necessary thing so why not make use of something that make our furniture both creative and effective. Now road signs are something that look like a good material to be used in furniture and there are so many road signs that stand by the roads uselessly and are discarded by the authorities. so one artist Boris Bally, who likes to play around with scrap metal, came with his brilliant idea of collecting the colorful road signs and turn it into these creative looking furniture. Its is both creative because of its color and useful for it is made up of aluminium which makes it light and portable.

3. Recycled wine bottles coffee table

Recycled wine bottles coffee table

Making use of bottles as holders is quite common but this is a very extraordinary way of using wine bottles. That making use of it in making a coffee table. Created by Blue Moon Bottles it is made using recycled steel,glass, and bottle punts. The bottle punts have given it a very exquisite and precious look and have been embedded into it.

4. Rocking chair

Rocking chair

Remniscent of the rocking chair that grandpa always used to sit in this one is a similar kind of thing made out of scrap wood that are always left out from previous woodwork. This rocking chair created by industrial designer, Hrvoje Vulama was made very creatively using scrap pieces of wood from his early woodwork. He used this scrap effectively and imaginatively and saved the wood from being burned and wasted.

5. Screw chair

Screw chair

It would be really strange to say that screws can make comfortable chairs. But revol-design made it possible and made a chair out of screws and that too out of not less than 3726 screws. the screws are fixed into the scraps of firwood which are made into the shape of pile and which make the base of the chair.the seat and backrest are all coated in screws. The designers claim that even if it doesn’t sound like it can be used for sitting purpose but its actually very comfortable.

6. Fully Loaded Shotgun Shell Chair

Fully Loaded Shotgun Shell Chair

Believe it or not this is a chair made out of over 450 12 gauge shotgun shells and hence named “fully loaded”. This creative piece of art is a weird mixture of scary weaponry craftwork and comfort. The shiny brass gives it very polished mesmerizing look. Though the brass tips give a very intimidating look and any one wouldn’t feel comfortable in sitting on it but it really serves its purpose. There’s a contrasting look as the red hulls project outwards.

7. Pencil chair

Pencil chair

Pencil is a very common thing to lose but this pencil chair might be a solution to this problem. This piece of crafty chair has been created by Anon Pairot who who decided to turn this thing of daily use into something creative. Using metal pins to hold the pencils to each other he made this chair out of hundreds of pencil. The design of the chair has a very funky and random look but it might not be strong enough to support weight.