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Refresh: A compact charging station


According to Mobiletor, “There are numerous charging stations available in the market, Refresh appears to be more refined than the rest.” And, it definitely looks fresher and nicer. This new charging station from Blue Lounge is compact in size and is a charging station for three or more devices. Compatible with most of the devices on the market, it can charge two iPod/iPhones simultaneously while also charging a BlackBerry and a Bluetooth headset, for instance. Having six built-in connectors, you also have an option to increase the compatibility by adding extra connectors. It is a perfect gadget for the entire family, as by using two iPod connectors and two of your own iPod cords, you could even charge four iPod/iPhones at the same time. It wears a price tag of $5.95. You also have some nice colors to choose from.