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Removable wall stickers modifies the living space with ease

Wall sticker

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Wall stickers have always added an elegant look to your home dimension and alter the living space without much effort. Funktion Alley and Ferm Living have come up with the collection of ‘Removable wall stickers’ to give your living area a new look. The cool wall stickers are made of material like vinyl that can be easily sticked to and removed from the wall. Adding to the advantage, these stickers do not leave behind any mark nor does it peels the paint. The wall stickers are available for kids, so the children can have fun with these wallpapers. Kids can decorate their rooms with the pictures of dinosaurs, cars and trucks, dragons, sports stickers, and many more themes. Besides, this some stylish and sophisticated stickers are also available to adorn your living room, kitchen, dining room and bedrooms.

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Some of the good collection of wallpaper includes: Love birds wall sticker and branches wall stickers which is inspired by Scandinavian nature and makes an attractive aspect to any wall. Powerpole wall sticker is a flexible wall vinyl made up of separate black stickers. Jungle gold and Butterfly wall stickers are made of self-adhesive wall vinyl. Flora and Fauna Red Wall Sticker, Bar code wall sticker, Flora wall sticker, Pine tree wall sticker and the Berry black wall sticker are some of the other commendable collection. Check out more designs after the jump.
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