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Rethinking the Radiator – Rochus Jacob’s modern-day approach towards temperature control

Rethinking the radiator

If you love nature and care for a cleaner environment, you would also be interested in knowing about the new creations that could help you keep closer to nature. If you like new initiatives being taken to improve the modern-day environmentally friendly products, you will surely appreciate the concept of Rethinking the Radiator. This is an approach adopted by the designer Rochus Jacob who has got inspired by the age old concept of campfire in order to receive warmth from it. Rochus considered the fact that heat, in every culture and society, holds a significant value, whether it be emotional or social. Based on this thought process and considering that rethinking could alter a few variables to achieve a cleaner environment, Rochus has designed a very different kind of radiator!

This exclusive radiator aims at supporting people to get the average temperature of their room reduced by around two degrees. This would further help in yearly saving around a ton of carbon dioxide, while ensuring about 40 percent cost cutting. Due to more liberated standards for insulation, this modern technology-based radiator could be designed to move to the center of the room, in comparison to traditional radiators that had to be placed under the windows. To serve the modern-day needs of people, Rethinking the radiator has kept its focus on providing a lighter product that is more efficient too.

Since the radiator is designed to be kept deeper into the living area, users quite often tend to keep the consumption of heat at a constant yet lower level. This is due to their better interaction with the device. Also, the radiator is not provided a numeric interface, and thus the user is free to slide the heat level up or down per their personal comfort for warmth. The radiator’s easy aspect is that it can be integrated with the existing infrastructure, as it runs on steam or hot water like the other regulators usually do. It can also be easily sent to your store during summer time when it’s not usable and there is more living area required in your room. It would not be incorrect to say that Rethinking the radiator is an example of good adaptation to being modern, as well as nature friendly.

Via: Cargocollective