Risen in 30 Days, furniture items that have been completely zombified

If you thought that all the furniture items had to be classy and eye appealing, then you are in for a big surprise. Benjamin Rollins Caldwell, a furniture designer from South Carolina, has come up with a line named Risen in 30 Days that is anything but elegant. This attention grabbing series of zombie furniture pieces will make eyes roll in surprise because of its abominable appearance.

Risen in 30 Days

To bring the idea of zombie world furniture to life, the designer used a very eccentric approach. Plastic was laid down after digging holes in the ground, which was topped by sand and concrete in a mold placed upside down. This was then left to incubate for a good 30 days before the furniture was finally pulled out of the ground. The shape varies from one piece to the other because of the undulating form of the ground. The grave like feel is accomplished by spilling acid over the furniture items, which gives it an even uglier look.

Risen in 30 Days

The rough patches are sprinkled with brown and black paint, which makes it look like rotting flesh. This is then made to look gory by staining it with a glossy red hue that makes it appear like a rotten blood oozing wound. The furniture items look a bit scary and repulsive, but do complete justice to the zombie theme these come enveloped in. So, if you want to surprisingly scare visitors at your place and want your furniture pieces to become a point of discussion, then these zombie pieces will not leave you disappointed.

Via: Core77

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