Smart Bed preps your bed for a sound sleep

So do you get pestered out over the tedious process of making your bed repetitively, or just find it too inconvenient – wishing if some genie could pop out of a bottle and get the job done for you? Well, here’s something that should make you step down from those pins and needles. Pretty interestingly, a Spanish furniture manufacturer by the name of OHEA has just fixed up your problem with its creatively designed Smart Bed.

OHEA Smart Bed

If you are wondering ‘how exactly would that lend a helping hand?’, then let us cut the frills. The new bed design basically makes a lot of things simpler by conveniently making itself in the morning when automatic mode is switched off. Like really, could things turn so easier? Nevertheless coming to the point, the amazingly helpful bed maker comes equipped with an impressive roller that straightens and smoothens your comforters and sheets. Wow!

The model also features arms (attached pretty neatly) that enable users to seamlessly pick up their pillows and place them properly at the top of their bed. While OHEA gobbled down a lot of time to prep their unique concept, Smart Bed however undoubtedly gets all the points for being so extraordinarily helpful and great looking at the same time.

Not to slip on, the device even catches attention for a built in safety feature that ascertains that the Smart Bed will not be made when someone is catching forty winks inside the stylish chassis. What’s more, you will get to benefit from two modes – manual and automatic, whereby the former one will allow you to instruct your bed maker on when to make the bed. The automatic, on the other hand, will identify zero occupancy and start making the bed automatically (but after three seconds).

However, as far as its pricing is concerned, OHEA is yet to divulge details. But, the company has planned on selling five different sizes of their new ‘Smart Bed’ with absolute no increase in users’ electric bill.

Via: DigitalTrends

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