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Ritmonio Clock Work waterfall

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Ritmonio, an Italian firm in bathroom ware manufacturing, has coupled art with style in its new modern bathware tap. Clock work, as it is named, is a new collection of bathroom water taps specialized in vanity design and construction. With its variable rotation speeds, the handle provides a comfortable feel and an ease of use, the way you like. Designed by David Vercelli, it provides facility to vary the temperature and also an uninterrupted water flow. It gives a 360 degree rotation, allowing us to precisely set the temperature and water flow. With two kinds of water flow, it multiplies your choice of selection. It has a stylish mirror finish and adds an alluring charm to your bathroom. The handle comes in three versions, each suiting different tastes and expectations. It certainly gives you a temptation to use it all the time.

Via: Stylepark