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Rob Dahm designs Tea Kettle for Calphalon Kitchenware

Tea Kettle by Rob Dahm

Tea kettle is a simple kitchen appliance, but is definitely an important part of the kitchen. Making this irreplaceable kitchen appliance all the more aesthetically appealing, practical and handy is an industrial designer Rob Dahm. Tea Kettle Design was made as a student product design for Calphalon Kitchenware, which has been especially designed for their mid-level consumer line.

Tea Kettle Design won’t consume a lot of space on your kitchen shelf and is very handy. It comes injected with subtle ergonomic perfection and the design comprises of high quality functioning parts clubbed with good finishing and great looks. The kettle will help perform the everyday task of preparing tea much easier. It has easy to use fill and pour openings that are unproblematic to access. This can be even used by people who suffer from limited limb movement, making them less dependable on others for a simple task like boiling water or making tea.

Normally, the whistle fitted while designing a kettle has a very unpleasant sound that can irritate people around. But, the whistle sound of this kettle won’t pierce your ears and will be welcoming and calm. The design is not at all showy, but will still impress visitors at your place. The designer focused on all the problems posed by current designs before coming up with this amazing teakettle. It will bow down to all demands of an ideal user, while making sure the kettle is not difficult to handle even when hot.

Tea Kettle Design will be made available in an array of colors, so pick the one that you like the most and refresh your senses with a hot cup of tea.

Via: Robdahm

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