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Robotic foot stool follows you wherever you go


RoboStool by Steve Norris of Norris Labs will follow you, sensing you as a human target. Sure sounds scary, but it isn’t. Steve created it out of his passion for all things robotics, but he gave us something that we are ought to cherish for our lives. RoboStool has three modes. The first one being a remote controlled one, which uses universal remote terminal called Robox. A pair of 912 Mhz transceivers are used by the terminal, sending commands to drive the robot in various directions and a ping measures distance in front, preventing the robot from crashing into walls. In the second mode the beacon navigation system guides the robot form one point to the other. And, finally the third mode is the follow me mode, using thermal sensing to track and follow a human target. You can catch the stool in action after the jump. Of course, you can create it on your own by following some steps on Steve’s site, but he can also make one for you if you ask him to.