Scanet – The futuristic and optically interactive invention

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People, and women in particular are known to get the most irritated when the material desired at a particular time is unavailable immediately. Not that opening cupboards to search it is a chore, but then doing the same when one is not in a good mood or is in a sense of urgency, this definitely seems like an arduous task. A recent concept that is currently in the prototype stage is the Scanet. Designed as a see-through optical interaction by Min Su Kim, this technological marvel is the result of inconvenience commonly encountered in the kitchen as was evidenced by a survey conducted in May 2009.

scanet 1

The Scanet has been designed to help end-users find materials and items in cupboards and cabinets without opening them. The user just has to swing his/her hand near the desired cabinet door, which would be rendered transparent to spot if the item is within. The transparency that results due to the hand movement is due to a sensor within the door which detects hand movement in the specified area and makes the particular door transparent.

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No doubt, Scanet is a much needed boon, but then there is also a lot of technology behind the final product. The optical magic screen film that is rendered transparent on hand movement is basically composed of 3 layers; one being a film of liquid crystal droplets which are in turn surrounded by a polymer matrix and the 2 other layers being float glass material. The prototype thus designed therefore has 4 magic screen films and infrared emitters in addition to an infrared receiver and 24 Chip LEDs. Currently in the pre and post-use evaluation phase, let’s hope this futuristic product delivers according to the expectations it has raised!

Via: ThisisMinsu

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