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Self Sustaining Indoor Garden

self sustaining indoor garden

This indoor garden from Hammacher Schlemmer sustains itself on its own. See, that is what I call convenience. It provides all the light, nutrients and water, to grow any plant that you wish to. All you have to do is add the seeds to the six pods, add water, nutrient mix and turn the unit on (sorry, there is no robot to do it). The seeds will begin to germinate in few days. This garden will stimulate optimal growing conditions of a rain forest and a full spectrum light bulb will provide all the sun light that is required. At the same time it has internal pumps that automatically stitches the roots with a nutrient-rich water solution. It stimulates the plants to grow 50% faster than with normal methods. It also automatically adjusts the nutrient and the light delivery to the plants at various stages of the plant growth. It rotates, ensuring equal distribution of light.